Some casino players start their gambling “career” with Roulette games. Newbies think that everything is clear here: just rotate European Roulette wheel or choose its USA Roulette version, and wait until it stops showing the number or the color they bet on. When it comes to the real game, they find out that the wheel rotation is not the only thing that should be considered. First, one must choose the type of this table game (they vary), then, think about the maximum sum that can be spent and the probability of a win. So check online roulette for real money.

Due to the features of the US Roulette, it is less popular than its European “relative”. An additional “Zero” leaves players fewer chances to become a winner. When a gambler gets the answer to the question of what is the difference between an American Roulette wheel and a European Roulette wheel, he will understand that the USA variant is good for risky or skilled players. One can win much fast but lose a lot as well there.

How does the European Roulette wheel look like?

The origin of Roulette played in Europe goes back to the 17th century and is still or probably even more popular today than it was back then. It is not clear when the game appeared, in France, or in Italy, but regardless, it is played around the world today. European Roulette wheel layout, which has 37 pockets or the numbers 0-36, is the heart of the game.

The Zero section forms the general house advantage, as it is excluded from most number groups on which one can bet. Classically, the European roulette was played on so-called double tables; today it is played mainly at simple tables, which are cared for by up to four dealers working in a land casino. Online Roulette differs: here, the gambler plays with a machine, and the ball falls to the wheel’s pockets randomly.

How does American Roulette differ from the European one?

The American variant of the game is a modification of the Roulette wheel European game. It was adapted to the American lifestyle. The double Zero was introduced because the US casino operators did not have the house edge of European Roulette big enough. So the game is much faster, the tables, even in online slots with Roulette game, are a bit smaller.

Comparing European Roulette wheel vs American one, players can see that not only “00” (Double Zero) pocket is added. The gameplay is different. As already mentioned, American Roulette is played much faster. The waiting times between one and the next round are shorter. The game table (or field) is smaller.

When shown in a table, the difference looks like that:

  1. The number of pockets. European Roulette wheel has 37 of them; American version has 38;
  2. Red numbers. 18 and 18 in both types of the game;
  3. Black numbers. 18 and 18 in both games.
  4. House edge. 2.70% in European and 5.26% in American Roulette.
  5. Special Rules. En Prison in European Roulette; no special rules in American version.

The decisive difference for many players lies in the number of Zeros. With the second Zero, the house advantage simply doubles. Roulette European wheel with its 1 Zero gives players more chances to win.

The best European Roulette slots

Many online casinos offer European Roulette slots for free. It is a great option for those, who still is thinking of the game strategies and wants to try variants of them with no risk. This chance cannot be used in offline and live casinos, where free games are never offered.

The following slots developed by famous gaming software developers are often called the best ones:

  • Playtech Premium European Roulette. 1 credit here is the smallest bet.
  • Gaming 1 European Roulette. It starts from a cent per wheel rotation.
  • BetSoft European Roulette with a 1 credit bet.

Besides, Microgaming, iSoftbet, Play’n’Go, Novomatic have their own versions of this game — they differ a bit with the bets only and the amount of money that can be won.

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